Everyone dreams of flying...
Where will your dreams take you?

Falcon Aviation Academy is a Part 141 flight school in Georgia. We specialize in training career aviators and leaders in the aviation industry. Our curriculum is designed for performance, safety, and career advancement. We offer the flexibility, availability, and customization that other flight schools our size cannot. Whether you are a full-time or part-time student we can work with you to develop a schedule that will safely and efficiently complete your training.

Our Programs

We offer many different programs. Please see the below program links for more details.

Private Pilot

This is where it all begins, step one of Pilot Training.

Instrument Rating

Learn about navigating through the clouds by reference to instruments only.

Commercial Pilot

After earning this certificate you can fly for hire.

Multi-Engine Rating

You have mastered the Single Engine, Learn about flying Multi-Engine

Flight Instructor

Now that you have all this piloting knowledge, teach others to learn to fly.

Airline Professional Pilot

This is an all-inclusive course from Private Pilot to Flight Instructor.


Falcon Aviation Academy has some of the newest and most reliable aircraft in the training industry.

Diamond has long become the standard in many training academies due to multiple advantages such as safety, fuel economy, and low maintenance requirements. Our fleet also includes a selection of Cessna aircraft along with a Piper Arrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Falcon Aviation Academy is committed to assisting you through the entire financial process. For questions about private loans, scholarships, and government benefits (GI Bill), visit our FAQ page.