About Falcon Aviation

The main goal of Falcon Aviation Academy is to provide our customer with the highest quality of aviation training and experience in pursuing their aviation interests and/or careers. Within this goal, we work to develop careers and to help ensure years of success and enjoyment in all aviation endeavors.

Falcon Aviation Academy is a Newnan, Georgia-based FAA Part 141 approved flight school.

In 1999, Falcon Aviation Academy began as Griffin Flight School and one year later, moved and acquired Peachtree Flight Center at the Peachtree City / Falcon Field Airport just south of Atlanta.

In 2002 a complete fleet upgrade began the development of a collection of Diamond Aircraft. Thanks to our new and continually growing fleet Falcon Aviation Academy remains one of most advanced flight training institutions in the nation. Diamond aircraft offer superior performance, avionics, and cockpit visibility compared to any other training type of aircraft. Our parent company, Falcon Aviation Services, operates Falcon Aviation Academy, Falcon Air Charter, and Falcon Aviation Maintenance in coordination with each other to provide a full-service aviation operation

In 2006, the expansion began and we opened the first satellite base at Dekalb-Peachtree airport. This location was only the first of many satellite locations in the following years including Athens-Ben Epps (KAHN) and LaGrange (KLGC). Athens provided a second location for towered operations and pulled from the high student base near the University of Georgia while LaGrange (KLGC) came shortly after to provide a temporary maintenance hub for the training fleet during the time period in which the now primary training hub at the Newnan-Coweta airport was being built. Both the KLGC and KPDK facilities have since served their purpose in the Falcon Aviation History and now a more focused approach falls on 3 primary campuses: Newnan-Coweta, Peachtree City, and Athens-Ben Epps. Newnan is the largest training campus with the state of the art training and maintenance facility that was opened in November of 2009 and allows Falcon Aviation Services to continue to grow while providing adequate service our customers expect.

Today Falcon Aviation Academy has strong leadership, a reputation for quality, and dedication to unsurpassed flight training services. The future for our students is bright and full of potential.

Falcon Aviation Academy hires instructors from both inside and outside our training program based on knowledge and previous experience. Our goal is to fulfill the demand of our continual expansion. Specific location requests (KFFC, KAHN, KCCO) will be considered but final placement will be determined by current demand.

Falcon Aviation also offers a unique opportunity to become employed with the company after successful completion of required training courses. We offer the student the chance to build valuable experience while earning a compensation in the flight instructor field. The experience gained is valuable to your aviation future and provides the aviation foundation required for career advancement in aviation. The best pathway into employment with our company is:

The Airline Professional Pilot Course

This program is designed to direct training toward the student who plans a career path to a regional airline. The course provides all of the necessary pilot certifications and ratings necessary to qualify as a regional first officer. The course culminates with earning the professional flight instructor certification in additional to a turbine transition course. Upon completion, a pre-employment background check is conducted along with a series of insurance mandated aircraft flight checkouts. The total experience package more than meets any regional program and meets most corporate requirements for first officers.

Falcon Aviation Academy exceeds the industry standard by offering competitive pay. Full-time instructors can also benefit from insurance benefits and performance based incentives. Finally, current Falcon flight instructors can obtain additional instructor ratings as employees at highly reduced costs.

A great place to begin your aviation career, we believe that the Flight Instructor has a critical and influential role in aviation safety. As a professional instructor, skills are developed that will transfer directly to other aviation endeavors such as communication skills, working with the public, supervisory skills, flight skills and knowledge, how to use intervention and the ability to monitor the performance of others. While instructing is usually an entry level position in aviation employment, the skills learned and the experiences are very rewarding. Flight instructing is one of the most influential of all aviation experiences due to the impact the flight instructor has on the student.


To train with us we require some background information. This will help us ensure that we not only provide a high-quality graduate but that our students will represent us for years to come.

For Student Applications:

-Government-issued Photo ID (Driver’s License)
-Copy of U.S. Passport or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
-Copy of FAA Medical (To find a FAA Medical Examiner go to www.flightphysical.com)
-Copy of Student Pilot/Flight Certificates

For Employee Applications:
All of the above information plus:

-Five-Year Driving Record (for those wishing to become employed by Falcon Aviation)
(Check with your local DMV, your insurance company, or even www.4safedrivers.com)
-A Choice Point Background check may be conducted while under consideration for employment


Falcon Aviation currently trains out of 3 physical locations in the Metro Atlanta area. Depending on your training needs, we can work with you to best fit your schedule and location. Each location below lists the approvals and type of flight/ground training available.


Falcon Aviation Academy has a fully staffed maintenance facility at our Newnan-Coweta flight base. Our staff of certified maintenance personnel is capable of taking care of your aircraft. Certified under Diamond, Cessna, and Theilert, be assured we can accomplish your maintenance needs in a manner that is efficient, time sensitive and safe. With the ability to complete warranty work all the paperwork and core shipments are processed in house to save you time and allow you to get back in the air quicker.

Our maintenance division is led by highly qualified professionals that have a broad range of aviation backgrounds ranging from commercial fleets, military aircraft and well as general aviation and are fully trained to work on a range of aircraft types to include Piston, Turbo Prop, and Jets.

Below are the regular inspections that can be completed via Falcon Aviation Maintenance. We also accept any unscheduled maintenance that needs to be performed on your aircraft. Contact Us for additional information.

-Annual Inspections
-100 Hour Inspections
-Progressive Inspections
-Line Maintenance
-Prop Balancing
-Diamond Service Center
-Cessna Service Center
-Thielert Service Center

Falcon Aviation Academy’s success is derived from the people that drive it. The company is managed by a variety of well-qualified, experienced, and impassioned individuals. Our senior management staff brings decades of 121 airline, 135 air carrier, air freight, and flight training experience to the Falcon Aviation corporate culture.

Our FAA part 141 approved training programs and instructor pilot staff is under the direction of Chief Flight Instructors who manage and maintain our curricula allowing for continuous quality control of our standards. Each Chief brings years of general aviation training experience and oversight to help guide our instructor pilots and instructor pilot candidates. Our senior flight training staff are highly motivated and trained to provide our customers the guidance they need to achieve their goals. Each of our training bases has a Chief Flight Instructor on site.

Our maintenance division is operated by a seasoned and experienced staff of qualified Aviation Maintenance Technicians and Maintenance Inspectors. A broad spectrum of general aviation, air carrier, and military aircraft maintenance backgrounds in our staff has allowed us to become a manufacturer approved service center for Diamond, Thielert aircraft engines, in order to maintain a fleet of aircraft with an exemplary safety record and very high dispatch ability.

Employment Opportunities

Falcon Aviation Academy could become your first aviation employer. All qualified students may choose to work for us after completion of the certificated flight instructor course – an important first step in building a résumé filled with work experience for a commercial aviation career.

Variety Of Career Choices

Rather than one training end goal, we prepare you for a variety of career choices, from part 121 airlines to corporate and business aviation, military flying, and personal air travel. After successful completion of our flight programs, Falcon Aviation Academy will provide you with guidance and recommendations that we feel meet your aviation skills to assist you in your career planning.

Fly On New, Modern Aircraft

Falcon Aviation Academy operates one of the largest, most modern flight training fleets in the nation comprised of both Diamond and Cessna aircraft. Our fleet is setting a new, higher standard in the flight training industry. To learn more, see our Aircraft section.

Cost Effective Training

Training with us will cost you a fraction of the program prices at other flight schools. We believe that you should enter a professional aviation career at a cost that is both justifiable and repayable in a timely manner.

Professional Management

Falcon Aviation Academy is owned and managed by current aviation professionals that are actively involved in the aerospace industry and that are committed to maintaining a consummate standard for aviation training and safety.

More Than A Flight School

Falcon Aviation Academy is part of a larger company that also provides Aircraft Management, and Maintenance Services to our own aircraft in addition to numerous outside customers.

Personalized Attention

Because of our size, our students receive personal attention. You are not a number in a large pool of students vying for limited opportunities.

Variety of Training Locations

An exciting feature of learning to fly at Falcon Aviation Academy is your ability to choose the training environment you wish to learn in. Our Newnan Coweta County (KCCO) or Peachtree City/Falcon Field (KFFC) locations offer a slightly lower traffic volume type atmosphere compared to our Athens-Ben Epps (KAHN) location which is a towered training environment. Your training base is your choice but rest assured all levels of training are consistent at all locations.

Housing Available

There are multiple housing complexes available for local housing surrounding all of our training locations. While they are not included in our professional career paths, we can offer suggestions for housing options based on experience with multiple apartment complexes.