Airline Dispatcher

The Falcon Aviation Academy Airline Dispatcher Program is designed to prepare the student to become a certificated dispatcher. The course is a comprehensive airline dispatcher training program taught under the FAA rules and regulations.

 An airline dispatcher shares the responsibility of a flight with the aircraft captain when planning and conducting the release of all FAR 121 flights. At the completion of the course, the student will be prepared for the FAA Dispatcher knowledge test and the FAA practical test.

 The course meets the required 200 classroom instructional hours and lasts for a continuous 8-12 weeks. Classes are held at our Peachtree City location. We offer both daytime and evening class schedules. Please see the upcoming class dates below and get your deposit in today!

Students arriving from outside the Atlanta area need to allow enough time to coordinate local accomodations as well as visit the training location to ensure there are no complications on the first day of class.

The training program will cover the following areas of instruction:

  • Meteorology
  • Adverse Weather
  • Weather Analysis
  • Weather Maps and Charts
  • Weather Decision Making
  • Airspace
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Aircraft Flight Principles
  • Communications
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Practical Dispatcher Applications
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Air Traffic Control

Upcoming Class Dates

  • Start Jan 6th: 0800-1300 (M-F – May Vary) – NOTICE: This class is postponed
  • Start April 20th: 0800-1300 (M-F – May Vary) – NOTICE: This class is postponed
  • Start May 11th: 1730-2330 (M-Th) – NOTICE: This class is postponed
  • Start July 27th: 0700-1200 (M-F – May Vary) – NOTICE: This class is postponed
  • Start Aug 17th: 1730-2330 (M-Th) – NOTICE: This class is postponed
  • Start Sept 28th: 0800-1300 (M-F – May Vary) – NOTICE: This class is postponed
  • Start Nov 2nd: 1730-2330 (M-Th) – NOTICE: This class is postponed

Admission and Materials

Admission Procedures: All applicants for admission must be at least 23 years old before the last week of class begins. In addition, they must have a high school diploma and be able to read, write, & understand the English language.

Materials: All books are included in the cost for this course along with the FAA written exam. Practical exam fees are NOT included in the price.

Class Attendance Policy

Because the course is so intensive, all classes must be attended and all stage exams satisfactorily completed. Students must plan to spend a considerable amount of time on outside study preparations throughout the course. Approximately 8 tests will be given throughout the course, each requiring a minimum of 70% score. Only one day of missed class will be allowed to complete this course. Students missing more than one day or submitting a failing exam will be removed from the course without a refund. In addition, late arrivals will be considered absent for the day.

Take the Course!

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*Refunds are not allowed. However, there is no charge to reschedule to a future class, if needed. ALL fees MUST be received prior to the first day of class.