Certified Flight Instructor Program

This is where all the hard work pays off. This course, once completed, will allow you to share your love of aviation with others. The Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) course requires patience and a thorough understanding of, not only flying, but also the rules and regulations surrounding the aviation community. Understanding how students learn and how to effectively teach these skills is just one of the many topics that are stressed in this 28-day course. This program is designed with realistic expectations and hours. Our goal is absolutely no overages and built so that any driven student can succeed.

Program Details

  • 15 hours flight time – 14 in 182RG or DA40, 1 in DA20 (2x the competition)
  • 13 hours dual training, 2 of the 14 hours in the 182RG or DA40 for check-ride
  • 40 hours ground + 80 hours classroom preparation (1.5x the competition)
  • 10 pre/post (3x the competition)
  • Free housing is available

FREE CFI-I training with full-time Falcon Employment!* (Our competition doesn’t even offer this!)

Course Cost

  • $4,950.00 Paid in full before program begins
  • $500.00 due to reserve your spot in the class. Balance due 7 days before class begins.
  • Realistic flight hours built-in, including check-ride plane costs. However, any additional flight time is available at $235.00/hr (includes instructor)


  • A current FAA Commercial Pilot certificate (or ATP) with Airplane Category (ASEL)
  • A minimum of a valid Class III medical certificate
  • FIA and FOI exam completed

Out of Pocket Expenses

  • Materials
  • DPE examiner fee if applicable
  • Food and miscellaneous expenses

We have great success with our CFI program. We strive for training to be completed within 28 days, however, delays can occur due to uncontrollable events such as weather, maintenance, FAA, and DPE schedules. We do everything possible to prevent delays.

Average Training Schedule

  • Days 1-5: 4.0 hours of ground. 4.0 hours of class preparation. Evenings are for self-study and preparation for the next day.
  • Days 6-7: off unless needed for make-up days
  • Days 8-12: 4.0 hours to ground. 4.0 hours of classroom preparation. 1.5-2.0 flights every other day. Evenings are for self-study and preparation for the next day.
  • Days 13-14: off unless needed for make-up days.
  • Days 15-21: 4.0 hours of classroom preparation. Finish 182RG hours and spin flight then mock check ride. The goal is to submit for the FAA check ride around Day 18.
  • Days 22-23: off unless needed for make-up days.
  • Days 24-28: 4.0 hours of classroom preparation. Finish 182RG hours and spin flight then mock check ride.


After completion of the program, and meeting our company standards, you will have an opportunity to join the Falcon Aviation Academy family. Falcon Aviation Academy leads the industry by offering competitive pay, and with our endorsement, you’re guaranteed a job at ExpressJet Airlines upon reaching 1500 hours. We also collaborate with numerous other regional airlines including: Endeavor, Republic, TSA, Envoy, Silver, and Piedmont, just to name a few. Full-time instructors can also benefit from insurance benefits and performance based incentives. Let Falcon help you obtain additional ratings such as your MEI as well!

Apply today! Download and complete the application linked below and return to marketing@faa-air.com

Falcon CFI Academy Application


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