Frequently Asked Questions

Falcon Aviation Academy is committed to assisting you through the entire financial process. Below there is information for private loans, scholarships, and government benefits (GI Bill). If you have additional questions, Contact Us or Request a Custom Consult

No. You can apply for financial aid at any time. To receive funds, however, you must be accepted and enrolled at the school.

Interest starts accruing only on the amount of the funds disbursed to the school.

In most cases, repayment begins six (6) months after GRADUATION. Graduation is when you have received your Multi-Engine Instructor Rating.

It depends on the lender of your choice whether the interest will be fixed or variable.

This is a one-time charge that is added to the principle of the loan, which will vary according to the lender you choose.

This will depend on the lender of your choice.

Usually the amount you can borrow is the cost of attendance plus living expenses.

This would depend on the lender, but most lenders write the term for 20 years with no pre-payment penalty.

All of the lenders make up to four (4) disbursements. Originally these disbursements are set up to be sent to the school every two (2) months. However, you can change the disbursement dates (moving the dates either forward or backward) according to how efficiently you are progressing with your training.

When the first disbursement is made from the lender, you may receive up to $5,000 dollars for living expenses. With each additional disbursement, the amount for living expenses depends on how efficiently you are going through the program.

You should borrow the estimated cost of your program, plus living expenses, plus twenty percent (20%) of the estimated cost of the program, in the event of over flight.

Approval is usually received within 48 hours of submitting your application. The loan companies we work with provide an on-line application process.